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Martin Brothers are an electro-pop/synth-pop duo and their music has strong 80s influences. Bands such as Alphaville, The Human League, A-ha etc. are their great role models from this era. But also artists such as The Weeknd, Daft Punk and you name it are inspiring sources. Music was the focus of the two brothers from an early age on. While their father introduced them to Queen, Dire Straits and many more, bands like the The Prodigy, Utah Saints an so on were added later in their teenage years. From their own country it was of course Yello who influenced the two brothers with the song “Oh Yeah” for example. They especially remember how they recorded their own little radio shows with the tape recorder, or played playback something to their parents, while the tennis racket served as guitar and the vacuum cleaner tube as microphone stand. 

In terms of their style, the large sunglasses “shields” are particularly striking. However, they came across these by chance when they were looking for 80s glasses. These glasses are a lot bigger than those that were initially selected, but in the end the two brothers decided on this model. The clothes are always coordinated, sometimes all in black, sometimes in red suits or with a Hawaiian shirts ... a touch of the 80s is always there and no compromises are made.

The music of the Martin Brothers is characterized by the wide variety of synthesizer sounds and melodic driven pop parts. The drums are usually very electronic and regardless of whether a song is fast or slow, kick and snare are usually quite punchy. It's just the way the guys make music. Live shows sparkle with their own, special set-up, where they add sculptures, plants and so on. In general, there is a lot of emphasis on the visual, be it music videos, live performances or photos, this is an important part of the Martin Brothers. 


The new Martin Brothers album LOVE IS OPTIONAL has been released through AWAL. This truly is another milestone for the two brothers, heaving worked very hard on this one. The whole album contains nine songs and is just about over a half an hour long. It's style can be described as a mix of modern electro-pop and classic synth-pop influences. For this album they got some really interesting support from featuring artists such as the young band Pensacola Mist from the UK, which got introduced this year on BBC radio. Furthermore artists such as the fabulous SADBOii from Australia with over 3.5 million streams on Spotify or FancyNormal, also from Australia, who are definitely fancy phenomenal, contribute their voices. The album starts of with a nice shimmer of an electronic, melancholic synth-pop ballad "Love Is Optional". The first single of the album. But it wouldn't be the Martin Brothers, if there is not also a good amount of songs, that will give you some good vibes and a dancing mood. There are songs such as "I Can't Lie", "Love Lockdown Now" and so on to get yourself to the dance floor. What will be your favourite tune to get into party mood? The list goes on with instant recognisable songs such as "Stuck In The System", with its unique synth sound and very emotional feel. Furthermore you will be put on a journey to the orient with the song "Heart To Heart" or get dreamy with "Stuck In Your Dreams" and their upbeat title "I Can't Stay For Too Long". The new Martin Brothers album will definitely give you some nice retro feelings and is sure to set an exclamation mark in the indie synth-pop/electro-pop music scene.

With their first album and the single "I Was Never Yours" the two brothers made it into the German Spotify and Swiss Dance Charts. This was followed by other singles, which they released with the record label MUVE Records and distributed via PIAS. Some of these songs appeared on New Music Friday on Spotify. With the latest single "She's So Apocalyptic" they have gained further fans and interest. Now they want to make some waves with the new album!

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