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The Martin Brothers are an electro-pop duo from Switzerland whose music has strong 80s influences. Bands such as Alphaville, The Human League, A-ha etc. are their great role models from this era. But also artists such as The Weeknd, Daft Punk and you name it are inspiring sources. Music was the focus of the two brothers from an early age on. While their father introduced them to Queen, Dire Straits and many more, bands like the The Prodigy, Utah Saints an so on were added later in their teenage years. From their own country it was of course Yello who influenced the two brothers with the song “Oh Yeah” for example. They especially remember how they recorded their own little radio shows with the tape recorder, or played playback something to their parents, while the tennis racket served as guitar and the vacuum cleaner tube as microphone stand. 


In terms of their style, the large sunglasses “shields” are particularly striking. However, they came across these by chance when they were looking for 80s glasses on the Internet. These glasses are a lot bigger than those that were initially selected, but in the end the two brothers decided on this model. Looking for more copies, they found what they were looking for in Los Angeles on Venice Beach. If you're looking for something unusual, you've come to the right place. The clothes are always coordinated, sometimes all in black, sometimes in red suits or with a Hawaiian shirts ... a touch of the 80s is always there and no compromises are made.


The music of the Martin Brothers is characterized by the wide variety of synthesizer sounds and melodic driven pop parts. The drums are usually very electronic and regardless of whether a song is fast or slow, kick and snare are usually quite punchy. It's just the way the guys make music. Live shows sparkle with lot of lights, “neon” is the appropriate keyword. In general, there is a lot of emphasis on the visual, be it music videos, live performances or photos, this is an important part of the Martin Brothers. 


After releasing various singles in the recent past such as their current release “She’s So Apocalyptic”, a brand new album is now in the pipeline. Most of these songs are already put together and the last few tracks are being finalised as we speak. It will be a personal milestone for the duo, because for the first time you will get an overall impression of the music, which can best be conveyed with an album. Of course they hope to be able to be more active live again afterwards and to be able to make some waves especially in the electro and synthpop scene. The new album, which is planned for this summer, should definitely not be missed!